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Until You Can Scream No More by David Bain

Until You Can Scream No More

Description : Who screamed? Was it you? We live our lives in a waking sleep, screaming only once we're startled awake to the full, terrifying, supernatural scope of reality. That shadow whispered back to life by the autumn wind soughing through leafless limbs of the Halloween tree scratching outside your window... the sibilant, perhaps growling sound rumbling deep in the bushes, warning you away. the thing you've feared waiting for you in the dark of your bedroom since deepest childhood. These bring merely shudders. Screams, our one expression of true wakefullness, are only elicited when that which has spent lifetimes shrouded in shadow steps fully out into the white spectral light of the full moon. Who screamed? Was it you? Do you dare to wake? Do you dare face your fears by the phantasmagoric silver of that nocturnal sliver floating high over a darkened world? Do you dare wake.? And, waking, scream? Do you dare to take on fear after fear, horror after horror, terror after terror? Do you dare visit every last buried phobia? Do you dare scream . UNTIL YOU CAN SCREAM NO MORE? UNTIL YOU CAN SCREAM NO MORE is a massive omnibus ebook with more than 50 full-length horror, crime, fantasy and science fiction stories, packing the complete editions of author David Bain's three previous collections - NIGHT WRITING, DARKER CORRIDORS and SHADOWS, WHISPERS, SHIVERS - into one huge volume. For one low price you get more than 500 pages of thrilling tales, more than 170,000 words of fiction! TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. NIGHT WRITING: TALES TO FILL THE DARKNESS A Pleasure to Burn Vigil Those Who Can, Help A Deeper Level The Preggers The Little Guy Turning Silver into Platinum Fifteen Minutes About the Stars, About the Rain All Over Your Face Shadows and Ice That Enveloping Darkness The Night We Killed Howie's Uncle The Night Darwin Corso Left Green River Being Buried Gifts 2. SHADOWS, WHISPERS, SHIVERS Black Cab Focus Something Clean, Something Pure How to Make Love Last Beyond the Grave House Cleaning: A Messy Ghost Story Dark Blue Shadows: A Children's Campfire Ghost Story The Cowboys of Cthulhu (or The Bandits from Beyond) Faith: A 9-11 Ghost Story Howling The Wolpertinger: A Bavarian Ghost Story A Letter to the Ghost Hunter Eulogy Shin's Silent Quest Little Helper Brujas Behind Bars Bookworms The Dreaming Gods Tom and Huck's Trade War Wounds: A Civil War Ghost Story 3. DARKER CORRIDORS: TALES THAT TWIST & TURN & TRAP Ghosts on the Way to Gray Lake The Trunk: A Killer Ghost Story Morbo The Clown Comes to Town The Mold of Memory The Demon Wind Companion Walking Woes The Streetlight Filled with Flowers Graven Images Finding Tim The Pit of Cormair Bearing Bad News Hellcat Prom Night Phone Sex on the Nightside Under an Invisible Shadow Cauldron Car The Story of O and the Dragon Bonus Story: Island Ghosts: A Will Castleton Adventure David Bain is also the author of GRAY LAKE: A NOVEL OF CRIME AND SUPERNATURAL HORROR and DEATH SIGHT: A WILL CASTLETON NOVEL as well as several short story collections. He is the co-author, with C. Dennis Moore (author of the #1 Amazon Horror bestseller THE THIRD FLOOR) of the short rock n' roll horror novel BAND OF GYPSIES, the forthcoming RETURN TO ANGEL HILL and the collection TERROR IS OUR TRADE. He teaches writing at a community college in Indiana and is the author of the small book TEN SHORT ESSAYS ON WRITING.

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Authors : David Bain

Published Date : 2013-10-29

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ISBN : 1493618032

Page : 728 Pages

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