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The Greatest Quest by M. R. Mathias

The Greatest Quest

Description : Dingo the dwarf, Igor the eagle, and Oonzil Windlestraw set out on a quest for the great wizard, Master Zarvin. They end up transporting some very precious cargo across the forested Dropull Mountains to Clover's tower. On the way dangers abound, and the stakes are high, for all sorts of deadly creatures live in these parts. Adventure awaits any of you brave enough to take The Greatest Quest. Don't be afraid. Download it and start reading now! . NOTE If you have read the Crimzon and Clover short stories you will know that Master Zarvin is the kind old wizard who took Clover in and taught her how to harness the magic she wields. These stories pre-date all but the first two Crimzon and Clover short stories, and even feature the dragon Royal from the Locus Poll nominated international bestselling YA hit: The Dragoneer Saga. These three sixty-five page tales are for readers ages 7 and up, but if you have read the Dragoneer Saga, or just The Royal Dragoneers, you will want to find out this bit about Prince Richard's mighty dragon, and where it came from. Just because these stories are YA doesn't mean they are only for young readers. After all, people who read fantasy are always young at heart. M. R. Mathias Other novels, and short stories, by M. R. Mathias: Master Zarvin's Action and Adventure Series: #1 Dingo the Dragon Slayer #2 Oonzil the Oathbreaker #3 The Greatest Quest The Crimzon & Clover Short Story Series: Crimzon & Clover I - Orphaned Dragon, Lucky Girl Crimzon & Clover II - The Tricky Wizard Crimzon & Clover III - The Grog Crimzon & Clover IV - The Wrath of Crimzon Crimzon & Clover V - Killer of Giants Crimzon & Clover VI - One Bad Bitch Crimzon & Clover VII - The Fortune's Fortune The Legend of Vanx Malic The Legend of Vanx Malic Book One - Through the Wildwood The Legend of Vanx Malic Book Two - Dragon Isle The Legend of Vanx Malic Book Three - Saint Elm's Deep The Legend of Vanx Malic Book Four - That Frigid Fargin' Witch The Legend of Vanx Malic Book Five - Trigon Daze (Coming Summer 2015) The Wardstone Trilogy Book One - The Sword and the Dragon Book Two - Kings, Queens, Heroes, & Fools Book Three - The Wizard & the Warlord The Saga of the Dragoneers The First Dragoneer - Free Dragoneer intro novella The Royal Dragons - Dragoneer Saga, Book One Cold Hearted Son of a Witch - Dragoneer Saga Book Two The Confliction - Dragoneer Saga, Book Three Confliction Compendium - Dragoneer Saga 1-3 plus The First Dragoneer novella The Emerald Rider - Dragoneer Saga, Book Four Rise of the Dragon King - Dragoneer saga Book Five Blood and Royalty - Dragoneer Saga, Book Six Dragoneer Saga - Royalty Cycle Boxed Set (Books, 4, 5, and 6) Find out more at Wardstone.info Dragoneer.info Mrmathias.com And/or Read Fantasy. Org

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Authors : M. R. Mathias

Published Date : 2015-03-17

Publisher : CreateSpace

ISBN : 1508806926

Page : 70 Pages

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