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    Strategy in the American War of Independence

    strategy in the american war of independence by Donald Stoker, Kenneth J. Hagan, Michael T. McMaster This book examines the strategies pursued by the Colonies and the other combatants in the American War for Independence, placing the conflict in its proper global context. Many do not realize the exte.... Published date on: 2009-10-16 with total page: 272 pages. Publisher of Strategy in the American War of Independence is Routledge.[...]
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    The Secret Life of Bob Hope

    the secret life of bob hope by Arthur Marx Biografie van de Amerikaanse filmacteur en komiek Bob Hope (1903- )... Published date on: 1994 with total page: 480 pages. Publisher of The Secret Life of Bob Hope is Robson Books Limited.[...]
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    Vertebrate Zoology

    vertebrate zoology by Nelson G. Hairston This is a major new textbook that is intended to lead students away from purely descriptive zoology courses into an experimental approach that emphasizes asking and answering questions about nature. T.... Published date on: 1994-06-24 with total page: 347 pages. Publisher of Vertebrate Zoology is CUP Archive.[...]
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    How Does Anyone Know God Exists

    how does anyone know god exists? by Garry Poole This revised edition of the Tough Questions series of small group curriculum faces head-on the difficult and challenging questions seekers ask about the Christian faith... Published date on: 2003 with total page: 80 pages. Publisher of How Does Anyone Know God Exists? is Zondervan.[...]
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    borat by Borat Sagdiyev Presents guidebooks to Kazakhstan and the U.S.A. by the star of the eponymous film, discussing the insights he gained into the two countries by being a citizen of the first and by creating his film wh.... Published date on: 2007-11-06 with total page: 176 pages. Publisher of Borat is Doubleday.[...]
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    An Introduction to the Critical Study of the Holy Scriptures

    an introduction to the critical study of the holy scriptures by Thomas Hartwell Horne .... Published date on: 1836 with total page: pages. Publisher of An Introduction to the Critical Study of the Holy Scriptures is .[...]
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    The Gun and the Pen

    the gun and the pen by Keith Gandal Ernest Hemingway, F. Scott Fitzgerald, and William Faulkner stand as the American voice of the Great War. But was it warfare that drove them to write? Not according to Keith Gandal, who argues that th.... Published date on: 2010-05-06 with total page: 288 pages. Publisher of The Gun and the Pen is Oxford University Press.[...]
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    Democracy Without Competition in Japan

    democracy without competition in japan by Ethan Scheiner Despite its democratic structure, Japan's government has been dominated by a single party, the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) since 1955. This book offers an explanation for why, even in the face of g.... Published date on: 2006 with total page: 267 pages. Publisher of Democracy Without Competition in Japan is Cambridge University Press.[...]
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    Body Shame

    body shame by Paul Gilbert, Jeremy Miles Physical appearance plays a powerful role in social relationships. Those who feel shame regarding the way they look, and who think others view their appearance negatively, can therefore be vulnerable .... Published date on: 2002 with total page: 306 pages. Publisher of Body Shame is Psychology Press.[...]
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    Spirit On The Water

    spirit on the water by Mike Harfield Spirit On The Water takes you on a voyage of eleven very different cricket tours. The tours include Taverners jaunts to the Balearics, an Aborigine team visiting England in 1868, Australia trying to w.... Published date on: 2011-03-15 with total page: 208 pages. Publisher of Spirit On The Water is Loose Chippings.[...]
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    schizophrenia by Lichtenstein Creative Media .... Published date on: with total page: pages. Publisher of Schizophrenia is Lichtenstein Creative Media.[...]
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    An introduction to painting portraits

    an introduction to painting portraits by Rosalind Cuthbert The question of what makes a good likeness may be impossible to answer. What you need to know as an artist, however, is how to go about capturing it and that is exactly what Rosalind Cuthbert provides.... Published date on: 2004 with total page: 128 pages. Publisher of An introduction to painting portraits is .[...]
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    Matchmaking science technology and manufacture

    matchmaking, science, technology, and manufacture by C. A. Finch, Srinivasa Ramachandran .... Published date on: 1983 with total page: 236 pages. Publisher of Matchmaking, science, technology, and manufacture is .[...]
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    New Housing Concepts

    new housing concepts by Carles Broto Illustrates the latest trends in collective housing and includes both large and small-scale residential projects that share a common spirit... Published date on: 2002 with total page: 359 pages. Publisher of New Housing Concepts is Gingko PressInc.[...]
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    Machine Learning Techniques for Multimedia

    machine learning techniques for multimedia by Matthieu Cord, Padraig Cunningham Processing multimedia content has emerged as a key area for the application of machine learning techniques, where the objectives are to provide insight into the domain from which the data is drawn, an.... Published date on: 2008-02-26 with total page: 289 pages. Publisher of Machine Learning Techniques for Multimedia is Springer.[...]