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Power System Protection and Switchgear by B. Ravindranath, M. Chander

Power System Protection and Switchgear

Description :

Curriculum of Electrical and Electronics Engineering


General Statement The Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, NIST, Berhampur was started in the year 1996. It offers two Under-Graduate programmes (B.Tech. in Electrical Engineering and B.Tech in Electrical and Electronics Engineering), one Post-Graduate programmes (M.Tech. in Power Systems) and also research activities leading to Ph D in the various fields of Electrical and Electronics Engineering. The Department has grown not only in terms of student and faculty strength, but also in state of the art laboratory facilities for teaching and research purposes. The faculty members have strong sense of responsibility to provide the finest possible education for both graduate and undergraduate students. The academic strength of the faculty is reflected by the alumni, many of whom are in the top echelons of industry and academia both in India and abroad.

Research Labs

  • Power Systems Laboratory

  • Power Electronics and Drives Laboratory

  • Control and Automation Laboratory

  • Renewable Energy Laboratory


Hi-end Equipment List Hardware 1. Siemens PLC 2. Induction motor Module 3. DC shunt Motor Control Module with Altium Designer SE 4. Class E Chopper Module 5. Single Phase Dual Converter 6. Grid connected Induction Generator 7. Generator Protection System 8. Three phase Alternators (5 sets) 9. Three phase Transmission Line Module 10. Electrical Machine Trainer (Turbo Model) 11. PV Cells with grid model (Eco-Sense Solar Set) 12. Hybrid Vehicle (Motor based Automobile) 13. Solar Thermal Systems 14. Biomass Systems with Electrical Generation 15. Yokogawa Industrial Automation Laboratory (in process) Software 1. PSCAD 2. ETAP 3. MATLAB 4. BOND GRAPH by Symbol Shakti

Power Systems

Faculty 1. Prof. Ch. Murthy 2. Prof. Sasmita Padhy 3. Prof. Murali M 4. Prof. Niranjan Sahu 5. Prof. Subash Nayak 6. Mr. Nrusingha Prasad Tripathy 7. Mr. Balakrushna Sahoo 8. Mr. Rakesh Sahoo 9. Prof. Niranjan Sahu Power Electronics and Drives Faculty 1. Prof. Arabinda Panda 2. Prof. Dhirendra Malik 3. Mr. Manoj Kar 4. Mr. Alok Kumar Pradhan 5. Mr. Tusar Kumar Dash 6. Mr. Kedarnath Gubbala Control and Automation Faculty 1. Prof. S.M.A.K. Azad 2. Mr. Niranjan Behera 3. Ms. G.Siva Ranjani 4. Mr. Praneeth Kumar Renewable Energy Faculty 1. Prof Bhagabati Prasad Pattnaik 2. Mr. Priyatosh Mahish 3. Mr. Sowmya Ranjan 4. Mr. Aditya Prasad Padhy Summer Trainings

  • CASEE (Computer Aided Simulation in Electrical Engineering)

  • Renewable Energy (Solar, Wind, Biomass & Biogas)

Special Features of the Department

  • Simulation and Computer Laboratory for 30 users.

  • Good Teacher to Student Ratio


  • Large scope of learning environment with ample space of laboratoryAreas of the Department in which Placement is in high demand:

  • Electrical Power Systems

  • Power Electronics and Drives

  • Control and Automation

  • Renewable Energy

The Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department leads to the degree in Electrical Engineering along with a broadbased specialization in Electronics and Computers. An electrical and electronics engineer develop and apply the theories of electricity, electronics, and electromagnetic to design the systems for power generation, transmission, communication and control. The Electrical and Electronics curriculum at NIST is designed to prepare the students in the highly diverse electrical and electronics-engineering field today. With a solid foundation in mathematics and engineering physics, the students are offered courses in integrated circuits, computers, radio and television, satellite transmission system, fiber optics and lasers, microelectronics circuits designs etc. The laboratory work is structured to apply fundamental concepts to solve complex engineering problems. A wide range of elective courses offered in the final year permits the students to emphasize specific disciplines such as computers, telecommunication, and control theory.


Subtitle : Curriculum of Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Authors : B. Ravindranath, M. Chander

Published Date : 1977

Publisher : New Age International

ISBN : 0852267584

Page : 444 Pages

Categories : Electric circuit-breakers

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