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Critical Issues in Policing by Roger G. Dunham by Roger G. Dunham, Geoffrey P. Alpert

Critical Issues in Policing by Roger G. Dunham

Description : The Seventh Edition of Critical Issues in Policing includes many new and updated contributions that offer fresh perspectives and research on the most current trends in policing. The entire collection of 34 articles, carefully chosen for their broad application, sharpens readers’ sense and understanding of the complexities of police work. Styles of policing, uses of technology, and roles played by citizens in determining a proper measure of performance in law enforcement are among the essential topics addressed.

Comprehensive and fair, Critical Issues in Policing provides ready access to the brightest and best minds in the field of policing, encouraging readers to hold police accountable for specific goals, tasks, and objectives and to work in concert with citizens to promote secure communities.

“I have been a police officer for over thirty years. This book covers all major aspects of policing.” — Steven J. Spingola, Gateway Technical College

“Suitable for graduate and undergraduate courses, this text is one of the most comprehensive collections of work on policing available.” — Roger Guy, University of North Carolina, Pembroke

“The compilation of works provides an excellent overview of policing and is one of the best books I’ve seen in the field.” — Mary J. Dodge, University of Colorado

“I thoroughly enjoyed this text. It is comprehensive and fairly addresses the issues most important to policing today.” — Marilyn Simon, University of Cincinnati

“An excellent text covering a myriad of important issues in policing. As a former lieutenant, now a full-time C.J. instructor, I have found this to be the best text I have used in fourteen years of teaching.” — Daniel Kearney, Henry Ford Community College

“For an overview course in American policing, this reader covers important topics with an astutely selected set of articles.” — Peter W. Phillips, University of Texas, Tyler
Table of Contents
1. The Foundation of the Police Role in Society (Roger G. Dunham and Geoffrey P. Alpert)
2. The Development of the American Police: An Historical Overview (Craig D. Uchida)
3. Requests for Police Assistance, 2011 (Matthew Durose and Lynn Langton)
4. You Can Observe a Lot by Watching: Contributions of Systematic Social Observation to Our Understanding of the Police (Robert E. Worden, Sarah J. McLean, and Heidi S. Bonner)

5. Breeding Deviant Conformity: The Ideology and Culture of Police (Victor E. Kappeler, Richard D. Sluder, and Geoffrey P. Alpert)
6. Solidarity and the Code of Silence (Geoffrey P. Alpert, Jeffrey J. Noble, and Jeff Rojek)
7. Police Discretionary Behavior: A Study of Style (Laure Weber Brooks)
8. The Asshole (John Van Maanen)
9. Addressing Police Misconduct: The Role of Citizen Complaints (Jeff Rojek, Scott H. Decker, and Allen E. Wagner)
10. Ethics and Law Enforcement (Joycelyn M. Pollock and Paul D. Reynolds)

11. How Police Supervisory Styles Influence Officer Behavior (Robin Shepard Engel)
12. Technological Innovations in Policing (Meghan S. Stroshine)
13. Introduction to Early Intervention Systems (Samuel Walker)
14. Evidence-Based Policing (Cynthia Lum and Christopher S. Koper)
15. Predictive Policing (Justin Nix)
16. Geographic Information Systems: Applications for Police (William V. Pelfrey, Jr.)
17. The Practice of Crime Analysis (Allison Rojek)

18. An Afrocentric Perspective on Policing (Christopher Cooper)
19. Women in Law Enforcement, 1987-2008 (Lynn Langton)
20. Gender and Police Stress: The Convergent and Divergent Impact of Work Environment, Work-Family Conflict, and Stress Coping Mechanisms of Female and Male Police Officers (Ni He, Jihong Zhan, and Carol A. Archbold)
21. Toward an Understanding of the Physical Hazards of Police Work (Steven G. Brandl and Meghan S. Stroshine)
22. Beyond Boston: Applying Theory to Understand and Address Sustainability Issues in Focused Deterrence Initiatives for Violence Reduction (Marie Skubak Tillyer, Robin S. Engel, and Brian Lovins)
23. Campus Policing (Andrea Allen)
24. Police Response to Persons with Mental Illness (Wesley G. Jennings and Edward J. Hudak)

25. Broken Windows (James Q. Wilson and George L. Kelling)
26. "Broken Windows" and Fractured History: The Use and Misuse of History in Recent Police Patrol Analysis (Samuel Walker)
27. Community Policing: Elements and Effects (Gary W. Cordner)
28. Problem-Oriented Policing (John D. Reitzel, Nicole Leeper Piquero, and Alex R. Piquero)

29. The Split-Second Syndrome and Other Determinants of Police Violence (James J. Fyfe)
30. What We Know about Police Use of Force (Kenneth Adams)
31. Use-of-Force Policy, Policy Enforcement, and Training (Lorie A. Fridell)
32. State-Created Danger: Should Police Officers Be Accountable for Reckless Tactical Decision Making? (Jeffrey J. Noble and Geoffrey P. Alpert)

33. What a Good Police Department Looks Like: Professional, Accountable, Transparent, Self-Monitoring (Samuel Walker)
34. The Challenge of Policing in a Democratic Society: A Personal Journey toward Understanding (Charles H. Ramsey)

Subtitle : Contemporary Readings, Seventh Edition

Authors : Roger G. Dunham, Geoffrey P. Alpert

Published Date : 2015-02-19

Publisher : Waveland Press

ISBN : 9781478628866

Page : 630 Pages

Categories : Social Science

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