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Commands Guide Tutorial for SolidWorks 2013 by David C. Planchard, Marie P. Planchard

Commands Guide Tutorial for SolidWorks 2013

Description : The Commands Guide Tutorial for SolidWorks 2013 is a comprehensive reference book written to assist the beginner to intermediate user of SolidWorks 2013. SolidWorks is an immense software package, and no one book can cover all topics for all users. This book provides a centralized reference location to address many of the tools, features and techniques of SolidWorks 2013. This book covers the following: System and Document properties FeatureManagers PropertyManagers ConfigurationManagers RenderManagers 2D and 3D Sketch tools Sketch entities 3D Feature tools Motion Study Sheet Metal Motion Study Sustainability Sustainability Xpress FlowXpress PhotoView 360 Pack and Go Intelligent Modeling techniques and more. Chapter 1 provides a basic overview of the concepts and terminology used throughout this book using SolidWorks 2013 software. If you are completely new to SolidWorks, you should read Chapter 1 in detail and complete Lesson 1, Lesson 2 and Lesson 3 in the SolidWorks Tutorials. If you are familiar with an earlier release of SolidWorks, you still might want to skim Chapter 1 to become acquainted with some of the commands, menus and features that you have not used; or you can simply jump to any section in any chapter. Each chapter (18 total) provides detailed PropertyManager information on key topics with individual stand alone short tutorials to reinforce and demonstrate the functionality and ease of the SolidWorks tool or feature. All models for the 240 plus tutorials are located on the enclosed book CD with their solution (initial and final). Learn by doing, not just by reading! Formulate the skills to create, modify and edit sketches and solid features. Learn the techniques to reuse features, parts and assemblies through symmetry, patterns, copied components, design tables, configurations and more. The book is design to compliment the Online Tutorials and Online Help contained in SolidWorks 2013. The goal is to illustrate how multiple design situations and systematic steps combine to produce successful designs. The authors developed the tutorials by combining their own industry experience with the knowledge of engineers, department managers, professors, vendors and manufacturers.These professionals are directly involved with SolidWorks everyday. Their responsibilities go far beyond the creation of just a 3D model.

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Authors : David C. Planchard, Marie P. Planchard

Published Date : 2012-12-27

Publisher : SDC Publications

ISBN : 9781585037711

Page : 876 Pages

Categories : Computers

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