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    Tabasco the Saucy Raccoon

    tabasco the saucy raccoon by Lyn Hancock, Loraine Kemp The author describes life with her pet raccoon, Tabasco, from flying to Toronto with the week-old animal, through her search for a home for her pet in the wild, to Tabasco's death... Published date on: 2006 with total page: 168 pages. Publisher of Tabasco the Saucy Raccoon is Winlaw, BC : Sono Nis Press.[...]
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    The Playbill Broadway Yearbook

    the playbill broadway yearbook by Robert Viagas, Amy Asch Many people who work on Broadway keep scrapbooks of their experiences, with photos, signed posters, ticket stubs, and of course Playbills. Playbill Books has expanded this idea into an annual project .... Published date on: 2007-08-01 with total page: 516 pages. Publisher of The Playbill Broadway Yearbook is Hal Leonard Corporation.[...]
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    Edwin Landseer

    edwin landseer by Richard Ormond .... Published date on: 2009 with total page: 192 pages. Publisher of Edwin Landseer is .[...]
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    Treasures for the Memory being an elegant selection of Sacred Poetry etc

    treasures for the memory; being an elegant selection of sacred poetry, etc by .... Published date on: 1829 with total page: 210 pages. Publisher of Treasures for the Memory; being an elegant selection of Sacred Poetry, etc is .[...]
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    How to Watch a Game of Rugby

    how to watch a game of rugby by Spiro Bernard Zavos Full of enthusiasm, this guide sets out to convince non-believers that rugby is the world's greatest game... Published date on: 2005-11-01 with total page: 119 pages. Publisher of How to Watch a Game of Rugby is Awa Press.[...]
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    Models of Democracy

    models of democracy by David Held Models of Democracy provides a critical reassessment of major theories of democracy from ancient Greece to the present, along with the author's own prescription for revitalizing contemporary democrati.... Published date on: 2006 with total page: 338 pages. Publisher of Models of Democracy is Stanford University Press.[...]
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    Lonely Planet USAs Best Trips

    lonely planet usa's best trips by Lonely Planet, Sara Benson, Alison Bing, Becca Blond, Jennifer Rasin Denniston, Lisa Dunford, Alex Leviton, David Ozanich, Danny Palmerlee, Brandon Presser Lonely Planet: The world's leading travel guide publisher Discover the freedom of the open road with Lonely Planet's USA's Best Trips, your passport to the most up-to-date advice on unique experiences.... Published date on: 2010-09-01 with total page: 712 pages. Publisher of Lonely Planet USA's Best Trips is [...]
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    Unified Financial Analysis

    unified financial analysis by Willi Brammertz, Ioannis Akkizidis, Wolfgang Breymann, Rami Entin, Marco Rustmann Unified Financial Analysis arrives at the right time, in the midst of the current financial crisis where the call for better and more efficient financial control cannot be overstated. The book argues .... Published date on: 2011-11-04 with total page: 22 pages. Publisher of Unified Financial Analysis is John Wiley & Sons.[...]
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    Noticias de la semana

    noticias de la semana by .... Published date on: 2004 with total page: pages. Publisher of Noticias de la semana is .[...]
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    Beryllium Chemistry and Processing

    beryllium chemistry and processing by Kenneth A. Walsh This book introduces beryllium; its history, its chemical, mechanical, and physical properties including nuclear properties. The 29 chapters include the mineralogy of beryllium and the preferred globa.... Published date on: 2009-01-01 with total page: 575 pages. Publisher of Beryllium Chemistry and Processing is ASM International.[...]
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    Laid Bare

    laid bare by Lauren Dane It’s been ten years since clean-cut, sexy-as-hell police officer Todd Keenan had a white-hot fling with wild, uninhibited rocker Erin Brown. What happened between them got under his skin—even if l.... Published date on: 2009-08-04 with total page: 320 pages. Publisher of Laid Bare is Penguin.[...]
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    Dust Covers

    dust covers by Dave McKean In the wake of Neil Gaiman's extraordinary, multi-award winning Sandman saga comes a sumptuous volume collecting all of artist Dave McKean's stunning and innovative Sandman cover paintings. and colour.... Published date on: 1998-08-01 with total page: 206 pages. Publisher of Dust Covers is Titan Books (UK).[...]
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    The Taoist Body

    the taoist body by Kristofer Marinus Schipper This elegant and lucid introduction to the traditions of Taoism and the masters who transmit them will reward all those interested in China and in religions... Published date on: 1993 with total page: 273 pages. Publisher of The Taoist Body is Univ of California Press.[...]
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    keukenconfessies by Anthony Bourdain, J.J. Meerman Een Amerikaan van goede komaf gaat als kok werken in verschillende restaurants en wordt geconfronteerd met allerlei wantoestanden... Published date on: 2011 with total page: 287 pages. Publisher of Keukenconfessies is .[...]
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    English Poetry Since 1940

    english poetry since 1940 by Neil Corcoran Neil Corcoran's book is a major survey and interpretation of modern British poetry since 1940, offering a wealth of insights into poets and their work and placing them in a broader context of poetic d.... Published date on: 2014-07-15 with total page: 368 pages. Publisher of English Poetry Since 1940 is Routledge.[...]