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Cat in a Leopard Spot by Carole Nelson Douglas

Cat in a Leopard Spot

Description : Midnight Louie, that loveable and feisty feline sleuth returns once again to delight his legions of fans. This time, not only does Louie have to bail out his favorite investigative partner, public relations woman Temple Barr, but he has to save a fellow feline from a charge of Murder One. All of Louie's and Temple's allies and enemies converge on the case when a big-game hunter is found dead with only a leopard for company. And the fun really begins when the unofficial investigators learn that the leopard is Osiris, a performing Big Cat who was kidnapped from his magician owner only days before the murder. Add to the mix a woman who's been surgically altered to resemble a Big Cat, a group of Las Vegas high-rollers who've been paying big bucks to illegally hunt big game at the victim's ranch, and a cadre of ardent animal rights protesters secretly staking out the premises, determined to stop the illegal killing at any price, even their own lives .

Subtitle : A Midnight Louie Mystery

Authors : Carole Nelson Douglas

Published Date : 2001-04-07

Publisher : Macmillan

ISBN : 1429911409

Page : 384 Pages

Categories : Fiction

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