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    Het leven het heelal en de rest

    het leven, het heelal en de rest by Douglas Adams Hugo Veld zit dankzij zijn tijdreizen nog altijd vast op de Aarde in de tijd vóór die vernietigd werd. De voormalige planeetontwerper Magdiragdag helpt hem vluchten en vraagt hem om hulp in de strij.... Published date on: 2011-10-07 with total page: pages. Publisher of Het leven, het heelal en de rest is Boekerij.[...]
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    The Essential Mystery Lists

    the essential mystery lists by Roger M Sobin For the first time in one place, Roger M. Sobin has compiled a list of nominees and award winners of virtually every mystery award ever presented. He has also included many of the “best of” lists .... Published date on: 2011-09-30 with total page: 592 pages. Publisher of The Essential Mystery Lists is Poisoned Pen Press Inc.[...]
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    The Syriac Church and Fathers

    the syriac church and fathers by De Lacy O'Leary These lectures serve as a first introduction to the study of Syriac literature, and to enable students to fit that literature and the history of Syria into their proper place in relation to the contem.... Published date on: 2002 with total page: 154 pages. Publisher of The Syriac Church and Fathers is Gorgias Press LLC.[...]
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    Practical Ethics for Psychologists

    practical ethics for psychologists by Samuel Knapp, Leon VandeCreek Ethical behavior involves much more than avoiding being sanctioned by a disciplinary body. For psychologists, being ethical is also a positive goal that involves striving to reach ones highest ethical.... Published date on: 2012 with total page: 321 pages. Publisher of Practical Ethics for Psychologists is Amer Psychological Assn.[...]
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    Critical Times in Curriculum Thought

    critical times in curriculum thought by Marcella L. Kysilka This book is designed to be used at a master's level for a degree in curriculum and instruction, teacher education or educational leadership... Published date on: 2011-01 with total page: 338 pages. Publisher of Critical Times in Curriculum Thought is IAP.[...]
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    Secure Programming with Static Analysis

    secure programming with static analysis by Brian Chess, Jacob West The First Expert Guide to Static Analysis for Software Security! Creating secure code requires more than just good intentions. Programmers need to know that their code will be safe in an almost infini.... Published date on: 2007-06-29 with total page: 624 pages. Publisher of Secure Programming with Static Analysis is Pearson Education.[...]
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    Origins and Revolutions

    origins and revolutions by Clive Gamble In this innovative study Clive Gamble presents and questions two of the most famous descriptions of change in prehistory. The first is the 'human revolution', when evidence for art, music, religion an.... Published date on: 2007-03-26 with total page: pages. Publisher of Origins and Revolutions is Cambridge University Press.[...]
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    Analog Filter Design

    analog filter design by M. E. Van Valkenburg This classic was the first to fill the need for an undergraduate text in analog filters for electrical engineering. Intended for juniors and seniors with a background in introductory circuits, includi.... Published date on: 1982 with total page: 608 pages. Publisher of Analog Filter Design is Oxford University Press, USA.[...]
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    A Violin for Elva

    a violin for elva by Mary Lyn Ray A young girl longs to play the violin in this lyrical story that shows it’s never too late to pursue your dream. More than anything, Elva wants a violin—but her parents say no. So she pretends. Wh.... Published date on: 2015-01-27 with total page: 32 pages. Publisher of A Violin for Elva is Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.[...]
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    Interracial Intimacies

    interracial intimacies by Randall Kennedy Sheds new light on the issue of personal interracial intimacy, discussing such issues as sex in racial politics, race in sexual politics, racial boundaries, and arguments for and against interracial r.... Published date on: 2004-01 with total page: 676 pages. Publisher of Interracial Intimacies is Vintage Books.[...]
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    Whats the Number for 911

    what's the number for 911? by Leland Gregory 911 Dispatch: "911, what's your emergency?" Caller: "What were the winning numbers for the Evening Pick Four today?" Lauded as the "911 poster child" by Katie Couric, former Saturday Night Live writer.... Published date on: 2009-06-15 with total page: 240 pages. Publisher of What's the Number for 911? is Andrews McMeel Publishing.[...]
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    Fins and Feathers

    fins and feathers by .... Published date on: 1990 with total page: pages. Publisher of Fins and Feathers is .[...]
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    Tale of Al

    tale of al by Alex Jones Fredrick Johnson has one foot in hell and one foot in heaven. With his faith hanging in the balance, he is torn between two worlds determined to claim him for themselves. But the Devil has a plan. She.... Published date on: 2014-08-28 with total page: 308 pages. Publisher of Tale of Al is iUniverse.[...]
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    The Secret Society of Moses

    the secret society of moses by Flavio Barbiero A radical reexamination of Western history that suggests the descendants of Moses were the architects of the rise of the Roman Church and the ancestors of European aristocracy • Answers the inexplic.... Published date on: 2010-01-19 with total page: 504 pages. Publisher of The Secret Society of Moses is Inner Traditions / Bear & Co.[...]
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    History of the Mafia

    history of the mafia by Salvatore Lupo When we think of the Italian Mafia, we think of Marlon Brando, Tony Soprano, and the Corleones—iconic actors and characters who give shady dealings a mythical pop presence. Yet these sensational dep.... Published date on: 2013-08-13 with total page: 328 pages. Publisher of History of the Mafia is Columbia University Press.[...]