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    Serial Murder 101 by Bridget DiCosmo

    serial murder 101 by Bridget DiCosmo The shocking true account of a man who learned everything there was to know about getting away with murder. Thirty years ago, Cape Girardeau, Missouri, became the hunting ground for a predator. Women .... Published date on: 2009-07-07 with total page: 304 pages. Publisher of Serial Murder 101 is Penguin.[...]
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    The Role of Science in Law by Robin Feldman

    the role of science in law by Robin Feldman This work argues that problems at the intersection of law and science flow not from the changing nature of science, but from the changing nature of law. It uses examples from doctrines related to abor.... Published date on: 2009 with total page: 222 pages. Publisher of The Role of Science in Law is Oxford University Press, USA.[...]
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    Mission Based Policing by John P. Crank

    mission-based policing by John P. Crank, Dawn M. Irlbeck, Rebecca K. Murray, Mark Sundermeier The research revolution in police work has uncovered a multitude of data, but this contemporary knowledge has done very little to change the way things are done in most police departments across the U.... Published date on: 2011-08-01 with total page: 257 pages. Publisher of Mission-Based Policing is CRC Press.[...]
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    Policing in Israel by Tal Jonathan-Zami

    policing in israel by Tal Jonathan-Zamir, David Weisburd, Badi Hasisi "It is hoped that, through this series, it will be possible to accelerate the process of building knowledge about policing and help bridge the gap between the two worlds—the world of police research.... Published date on: 2015-10-05 with total page: 263 pages. Publisher of Policing in Israel is CRC Press.[...]
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    Police Reform in China by Kam C. Wong

    police reform in china by Kam C. Wong With nearly 20 percent of the world’s population located in China, what happens there is significant to all nations. Sweeping changes have altered the cultural landscape of China, and as opportuniti.... Published date on: 2011-10-11 with total page: 413 pages. Publisher of Police Reform in China is CRC Press.[...]
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    Police Investigative Interviews and Interpreting by Sedat Mulayim

    police investigative interviews and interpreting by Sedat Mulayim, Miranda Lai, Caroline Norma Police interviews with suspects and witnesses provide some of the most significant evidence in criminal investigations. Frequently challenging, they require special training and skills. This interacti.... Published date on: 2014-09-03 with total page: 147 pages. Publisher of Police Investigative Interviews and Interpreting is CRC Press.[...]
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    Policing in Hong Kong by Kam C. Wong

    policing in hong kong by Kam C. Wong The HKP (Hong Kong Police), ‘Asia’s Finest’, is a battle-tested professional organization with strong leadership, competent staff, and deep culture. It is also a continuously learning and reform.... Published date on: 2015-03-06 with total page: 544 pages. Publisher of Policing in Hong Kong is CRC Press.[...]
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    Crime Linkage by Jessica Woodhams

    crime linkage by Jessica Woodhams, Craig Bennell The increasing portrayal of forensic investigative techniques in the popular media—CSI, for example, has resulted in criminals becoming "forensically aware" and more careful about leaving behind phy.... Published date on: 2014-10-27 with total page: 396 pages. Publisher of Crime Linkage is CRC Press.[...]
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    Los Angeles Police Department Meltdown by James Lasley

    los angeles police department meltdown by James Lasley Once considered among the most respected police departments in the world, the LAPD suffered a devastating fall from grace following the 1991 police officer beating of Rodney King and the Los Angeles r.... Published date on: 2012-08-08 with total page: 294 pages. Publisher of Los Angeles Police Department Meltdown is CRC Press.[...]
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    Policing White Collar Crime by Petter Gottschalk

    policing white-collar crime by Petter Gottschalk Combating white-collar crime is a challenge as these criminals are found among the most powerful members of society, including politicians, business executives, and government officials. While there a.... Published date on: 2013-12-11 with total page: 339 pages. Publisher of Policing White-Collar Crime is CRC Press.[...]